Film, Etc.

I fancy myself a storymaker, as in I make stories of various types. What started with poetry has stretched into other disciplines, and continues to evolve into unchartered worlds.

Here are the stories I’ve told thus far:

Siren’s Calling: A Horror Noir #1 and #2. Writer/Co-creator, 2015 – 2017.
Illustrated and co-created by Lauren Clemente

Every Breath I Take. (In Development.) Writer/Director. Unlife Entertainment, LLC

Mating Dome
. Director. Skyframe Pictures, 2012
Executive Producers Alain Aguilar and Joe Whelski
Official Selection, Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City

Cerise. Writer/Director, 2011
Executive Producers John T. Trigonis, Walter Enders, Ben Gerber, Louis Affortunato, Greg Colletti, Ryan Ronning and Gavin Ap’ Morrygan
Official Selection, EgoFest, NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, Staten Island, Bergenfield, NYC International, and Golden Door International Film Festivals; Atlanta Shortsfest, Poppy Jasper Short Film Festival, Vegas Cine Fest, Flyway Film Festival and NewFilmmakers Screening Series, 2011
Official Nomination, Best Short, Best Actor, and Best Cinematography (Staten Island Film Festival) and Best Jersey City/Local Short (Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City.
Winner, Award of Merit at Indie Fest, 2011
Participant, Court Métrage at Festival du Cannes, 2011

Speed Musing. Writer/Director. 2008
Executive Producer John T. Trigonis
Official Selection, EgoFest, 2010

Perfekt. Writer/Director. Nothingman Productions, 2007
Executive Producer John T. Trigonis
Official Selection, EgoFest, 2010; NewFilmmakers Screening Series, 2009; the Indie Spirit, Staten Island, and Sexy International Film Festivals, 2008

The Hotel Edwards. Writer/Director (with Joe Whelski). Nothingman Productions, 2005
Executive Producers Alan Aguilar, John T. Trigonis & Joe Whelski
Official Selection, Sexy International Film Festival, 2008

The Coconut. Writer/Director. Nothingman Productions, 2005
Executive Producers Alan Aguilar, John T. Trigonis & Joe Whelski
Official Selection, Wildwood by the Sea, Indie Can, and Rockport Film Festivals, 2007

It’s a Beautiful Unlife.
(In Development.) Writer/Director. Unlife Entertainment, LLC.

Jack in the Box. (A.K.A. Cunnigula.) Writer/Director. Nothingman Productions, 2004
Executive Producers Alan Aguilar & John T. Trigonis

The Welcoming. Director of Cinematography. Triple ACE Productions, 2009
Executive Producers Louis Affortunato & Greg Colletti
Official Selection, Staten Island Film Festival, 2009

John Melon. Producer. Nothingman Productions, 2004
Executive Producers Alain Aguilar & John T. Trigonis

Cog. Writer/Actor. Nothingman Productions, 2002
Executive Producer Alain Aguilar
Official Selection, NewFilmmakers Screening Series, 2002

Stalked. (Book trailer.) Marinell Montales, Prod. 2013
Executive Producer James F. Broderick

She’s Gone and I’m Here.” (Music video.) Director. Marinell Montales, Prod., 2011
Executive Producers Marinell Montales and Edmund Lawrence Kasubinski III

Something About Ryan:
The Hook Up”. (TV pilot.) Director. Ryan Mooney, Prod., 2008.
Executive Producers Charles & Laura Mooney
Winner, The Golden Ace Award (Las Vegas Film Festival) and The Silver Lei Award for Excellence in Filmmaking (Honolulu International Film Festival), 2010; The John Muir Award (Yosemite Film Festival) and The Accolade Competition’s Award of Merit, 2009

The Fool: “Never Waste a Cig.” (Skit.) Director. Nothingman Productions, 2007
Executive Producers Alan Aguilar, John T. Trigonis & Joe Whelski

The Fool: “Bacon or the Pig?” (Skit.) Director. Nothingman Productions, 2007
Executive Producers Alan Aguilar, John T. Trigonis & Joe Whelski

Antony and Cleopatra
. Director. Hudson Shakespeare Company, 2005
Executive Producers L. Robert Johnson & Jon Ciccarelli

Titus Andronicus. Director. Hudson Shakespeare Company, 2003
Executive Producers L. Robert Johnson & Jon Ciccarelli

7 thoughts on “Film, Etc.

  1. Hi John if you need a Film composer for any of your up and coming films I would be pleased to score for them. Thank you

    1. Hey Nicky. Thanks for the offer. I just replied to your Tweet on Twitter. I’ll definitely keep you in mind. So far, I’m working on a trilogy of short films for sometime next year, but if I work on anything else that I think you’re music would fit, I’ll be in touch for sure.

  2. Hello John I like your comments about the 3 I’s I am working on a project which I believe might well be of interest to you as it relates to crowdfunding and movies. You will find all the information at a movie about the Iraq war a trial of those who created all the lies you can find in the about us section a video and in the bottom right under video and film is a clip called “A letter from a soldier to George W Bush” by Tomas Young it is that letter what inspired us to create this film a movie with a solid cause.

    Alas I am in retirement and do not know the world of technology but I do believe that experts like you can make this happen looking forward to hearing from you have a nice day. Edward Meer Las Vegas

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Edward, and thank you for sharing your film project with me. Just so you know, I don’t actually run campaigns; my job at Indiegogo and as a crowdfunding mentor is to offer advice, which I do in the form of articles like this one mostly, so that the filmmakers themselves, and/or their campaign managers (folks who get paid upfront and a percentage of the funds raised) can run stronger, smarter crowdfunding campaigns. That said, my advice for you would be to acclimate yourself a bit more to the world of crowdfunding. You will realize that without an email list and social media, it will be very difficult to crowdfunding a substantial amount of funding without someone leading the charge to help you raise the funds you’d like to raise to make The People V. Bush, Cheney, Et Al a reality. Best of luck, Edward, and again, thanks for writing.

      1. edward van der meer September 14, 2015 — 8:27 pm

        Hello John:

        Thank you for the reply and I am planning to do precisely what you suggest but I had hope that you or someone you know who has the experience of crowdfunding would like to be on board to help out to reach the crowd so to speak but I will keep on reaching out, making a movie will take a long time and lots of efforts for sure thank you for your advice I did not know you worked at Indiegogo I hope to be there soon in a month or so when we get traction on Facebook all the best Edward Meer

      2. Hey again, Edward. Once you have a campaign in draft mode on Indiegogo, I’m happy to either look it over and let you know my thoughts, or have a fellow film campaign strategist at INdiegogo look it over. You may want to snag a copy of my book for further insight into exactly how to go about crowdfunding this film, specifically in terms of building up that audience for the film via social media first. Once you’ve got a draft, feel free to send it over to and we’ll go from there.

      3. edward van der meer September 14, 2015 — 9:17 pm

        Will do John thank you for the reply and I wish you all the best

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