CERISE Update: From Location Scouting to Storyboarding

Since it’s been a while since I blogged about Cerise, I thought I’d give you all an extensive update on how preproduction is going. But first…

Follow CERISE’s progress on FB!
If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to become a fan of (whoops! Pardon me, I mean “Like”) the Cerise Movie page on Facebook. Currently, you can see our full cast (and what a beautiful and talented cast we have!)

Now, the best part about the fan page is that all you have to do to get there is go to www.cerisemovie.com. That’s right, we’ve got a domain name! Ben Gerber, one of our totally awesome backers, graciously donated it to us. So for now, we’ve linked it to our fan page until we can find someone who’d be willing to make a website for us. Thanks again, Ben! Your generosity deserves praise beyond the limitations of even my best verse.


There’s a New Blogger in Town
For all you visioneers out there, be sure to check out Alain Aguilar‘s blog My Weekly Dose of DOF on Tumblr. He’s going to be blogging about various visual concepts from classics like Touch of Evil to modern day epics like Avatar (and let me tell you, this brother know his stuff! I think the man breathes at 24 fps!) From deep to flat space, between affinity and contrast, this blog spans everything image-related for the professional DP to the kid picking up his first HD camera.

Alain will also be writing about some of the visual elements he intends to employ on Cerise (but don’t worry, he won’t give anything away… I hope!)

Now, the Cerise updates:

Better Than Zero and Gene!
Cerise has scored two awesome producers––Camiren Romero and Kejal Kothari. They’re currently handling the bulk of the production details so I can ween myself off of those duties and focus on storyboarding, rehearsing and, ultimately, directing.

We’ve also been gradually bringing together other great crew members to the Team––Lisa Sever, our production designer, Oles Protsidym doing audio/sound recording (and who expertly handled audio on my last short film Perfekt, Darylanna Benavidez as our 1st (and 2nd) AD, Albert Phaneuf as our Key Grip, and a dynamic duo for hair and make-up, Michelle Ernest and Adam Ramos.

Locations Scouted and Secured (& Some Unsecured)
Alain and I spent the the entire day this past Tuesday scouting our locations and taking picture upon picture (which I’m basing my storyboards on).

So far we’ve secured a quaint little café in Downtown Jersey City called The Warehouse for our final scene and Josh’s apartment thanks to a generous colleague of mine.

Troubled Waters Ahead…?
As you all may or may not know, DIY filmmaking is full of mines and pitfalls that try to thwart would-be filmmakers from success. Well, Team Cerise hit our very first troubled spot this past week, but we weren’t caught for long between this possible Scylla and Charybdis.

The short of the long is that we were able to work out an agreement with a location which was proving difficult to secure. However, there are certain provisions, mainly that we shoot around their schedule, not ours. But the location is absolutely perfect! Check out the pics below of Josh Kermes’ workplace––the Tutoring Center at N. E. Given University:

My producers and I are now in the process of rearranging the shooting schedule (which has been set for over a month now!), and, luckily, it seems that our cast and crew are being very accommodating. We should be well on our way past this tiny whirlpool within the next few days thanks to the awesome people who will be bringing Cerise into full bloom this May.

I Used to Want to Be a Comic Book Artist…

BACKSTORY (cue Glass Menagerie lighting; some strings by Mozart) …When I was little, my first passion was drawing. I’d draw everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to my own mythological beasts and the heroes who’d fight them. I’d even sell my recreations of Batman and Superman comic book covers to extended family members, and after an arduous month of saving up a whopping $15, I was able to buy myself The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Trap, which I thought was just the coolest thing at the time (still do, actually!)

My passion for drawing and comic book art lasted all the way up until freshman year of college when it was unexpectedly drowned in a four hour long Drawing and Composition I course that started at 9am on Fridays (to this day, I still won’t work on Fridays). But I still read comic books to this day, and I still have a passion for great art.

FLASHFORWARD: Storyboarding is the graphic novel version of a screenplay. That said, the storyboards for Cerise are going very well, but as I mentioned in a recent status update, six pages of the script took me two hours to storyboard in pencil because I simply can’t settle for stick figures. I’ve got to be somewhat detailed. It’s borderline obsessive-compulsive behavior, I know.

Now granted, the above storyboard is no Picasso, but going at this current rate, I’d be drawing until well after the film’s edited and screened at Aspen (here’s hoping, anyway 🙂 So to speed up the process, and thanks to another awesome Team Cerise member, I’m thinking of giving the Hitchcock storyboard app for my iPhone a go and see if that can speed up the process some. I’ve watched the demo about six times, and it looks easy, but all demos look easy ’cause the object is to get you to lay down your hard earned bills and buy it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well, that’s the inside scoop on Cerise for now. I’ll be back with another update real soon. In the meantime, keep up to date with us on Facebook and check out Alain Aguilar’s blog for more Cerise goodness!

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