Movies of 2012 I Missed Because I Was Too Darn Busy Writing

It’s been an on again, off again relationship between the movie theater and me.

There were a few movies I really wanted to see in 2012, but I spent the bulk of my time hunched over my writing desk working on everything from Crowdfunding for Filmmakers to the script for my very first comic book, Siren’s Calling; plus there were countless comic book reviews, blog posts, and guest posts for Daily Crowdsource and various online venues that required my attention. The bright side is that I’ve written more in 2012 than in any other year of my entire writing life. The down side? I’ve gotten a bit too far-removed from the best and worst movies of the year; half the time, I didn’t even know what was playing in theaters! (Pretty sad for an indie filmmaker, huh?)

That said, what follows is a trio of (very) short lists of movies that (1) I wanted to see, but didn’t, (2) I saw but didn’t care much for, and (3) I’m looking forward to seeing (and will put in the effort to see) in theaters come 2013. So here goes!

Five Films I Wanted to See in 2012 (and Why), But Didn’t:
Argo –– Because everyone’s saying how awesome a director Ben Affleck is in this one.

*Les Miserables –– Because Marinell really wants to see this.

Lincoln –– Because I want to see why Daniel Day Lewis will receive the Oscar for Best Actor.

Looper –– Because it’s about time travel, and I’m all about time travel tales.

*On the Road –– Because I’ll always be a beatnik at heart.

* I may still be able to see these films before the end of 2012 –– wish me luck!

Three Films I Did See in 2012 And Was Disappointed With (and Why):
The Dark Knight Rises –– Because it felt like the first draft of a story that could’ve been as amazing as both The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Prometheus –– Because it was nothing like Alien.

Taken 2 –– Because it was just a sequel to a phenomenal first film.

Two Films I’ll Be Sure to See at a Theater in 2013 (and Why):
The Great Gatsby –– Because (1) the trailer looks amazing, and (2) I’ll always love the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Man of Steel –– Because it looks like the darkest take on Superman yet.

So my 2013 Resolution is, appropriately, to watch more indie and short films on a much more regular basis. What’s YOUR resolution?

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