The “Word” in Jersey City Last Wednesday was Crowdfunding for Filmmakers


Last Wednesday, I presented my seminar on “The Keys to Successful Crowdfunding for Filmmakers” at Word Bookstore in Jersey City, NJ. Here are some photos of the event, which went exceptionally well, according to members of the highly engaged crowd of future film funders:






And yes, I am this animated!

Special thanks to my lovely fiancée Marinell Montales for snapping these awesome shots during the event. I’d also like to thank Word Bookstores for welcoming my words into their shop and for heping to promote, as well as Inside Jersey City (@iJerseyCity on Twitter), The Jersey City Life (@jerseycitylife), and everyone who RTed and “Shared” this event.

And, of course, I’d like to thank the amazing crowd that attended –– after all, without the crowd, where would I be?

1 thought on “The “Word” in Jersey City Last Wednesday was Crowdfunding for Filmmakers

  1. Reblogged this on Survivors and commented:
    Great post from my friend John Trigonis about his Seminar on ‘Crowdfunding For Filmmakers’

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