#TrigTalks Recap: 1/02 – 1/12

As many of you might know, every morning (well, almost every morning –– I’m not as diligent with these as, say, the mail service, but I push ’em out) for the past two years I’ve been uploading morning #TrigTalks, short inspirational videos I record during my walk to the office. As part of my blog, I’m going to be recapping these vlogs at least once, but maybe twice a month for those of you who haven’t seen them because of the “Randomgram” algorithm Facebook’s imposed on Instagram or simply because you may not follow there or on Twitter, which is where these videos are posted first.

If you’ve got about ten minutes and care to watch all the videos, click here and it will take you to my TRIGTALKS 2018 YouTube playlist. But for the sake of time, here are my top three posts for the past two weeks to get you going.

First up, a little bit about setting the Right Intention for 2018 (if you haven’t already):

Next, here’s a slightly different take on meditation and the importance thereof:

And lastly, no one ever got very far in life without breaking some rules, but there’s a wrong way and a Right Way to break the rules. Here’s the latter:

There you have it, folks. Hope you feel more inspired to take on the upcoming days. Again, for daily #TrigTalks wisdom, be sure to follow me on either Instagram or Twitter. If not, all good –– these will be archived on my YouTube channel.

Have a great weekend, and you’ll hear from me (and see from me) again soon!

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