Update: The Rewrite and One More Bite

Man, it’s been quite a week!

First, I want to once more offer my deepest gratitude to all those who contributed to Cerise, my next short film project about a former spelling bee champion who, 24 years later, is still haunted by the word that took him down.

Thank you once more:

  • Larry (Dean) Wilson
  • David L. Ulery (@davidlulery)
  • Alain Aguilar (@Alain_Aguilar)
  • Gary King (@grking)
  • Cielito Pascual (@cielitopascual)
  • Sheri Candler (@Shericand)
  • Walter Enders
  • Lucy Ann Philips
  • Larry Goodman
  • Frank Guzman Jr.
  • Jessica King &
  • Julie Keck (@kingisafink)
  • Chrissy Zurawski
  • Jon Crefeld
  • Daniel Arol Jahns
  • Pamela Craig
  • Ray Addas
  • Mohamed Elmaksoud
  • CineKink (@Cinekink)

Your support and contributions are going to make Cerise the best it can be!

Cerise Pitch from John Trigonis on Vimeo.

Cerise Sees Red: The Rewrite
Regarding my rewrite for Cerise, I’ve been working on tweaking the first act so that I know how to play my second act to its utmost potential. Today I made some excellent progress, and I should be moving on to finish up the polishing of acts two and three sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted.

A Beautiful Unlife: One More Bite!
I got my feature-length script A Beautiful Unlife back from my script analyst Michael Ray Brown (@MichaelRayBrown) and it looks like my timeless vampire movie is one last polish away from being ready to hit the studios one more time.

More Ideas, But Where Does the Time Go?
Time is always the thing there never seems to be enough of in a single day. I’ve got so many ideas, some stashed away in the leather folds of my manvelope, others plugged not-so-neatly into the Notes of my iPhone, and still others that I’ve lost touch with; they live in the lines of retired writing tablets, journals that are overstuffed, and random Dunkin’ Donuts napkins that have managed to avoid the trash can.

I’ve managed to pull one short film idea out of my phone this past weekend and I started brainstorming. I’ve got a very loose storyline, but one with lots of promise. There are some interesting characters, too, and soon I’ll write up a basic screenplay for this intriguing little Twilight Zonish tale about a small place called the Mnemosyne Café.

That’s it for now. Check back next time for another peek inside my manvelope! In the meantime, please check out Cerise on IndieGoGo and show your support.

1 thought on “Update: The Rewrite and One More Bite

  1. haha 'no nation like donation'indeed, indeed.

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