Fandependence: An Opinion in Brief

As a poet, by nature I’m a man of few words, so this will be brief.

For me, the term “fandependent” (beautifully coined by @Merrynell) dictates an intrinsic bond between filmmaker and film fan. A collaboration. A symbiotic relationship.

I applaud Ben Hicks for having the stones to propose a novel (though impractical for some) solution in this ever-shifting distribution landscape that’s all a-quake with new possibilities for allowing truly independent filmmakers the same opportunities as studio independents who’ve made a monopoly of such capstones as Sundance and Tribeca.

Am I ready to join in on this Fandependent Movement? No. I think the manifesto itself needs a rewrite, much like all the great manifestos in the world. I think Sheri Candler didn’t poke any holes into Ben’s idea, but simply pointed them out, specifically regarding marketing. The good thing is that now he’s got something to think about. This is collaboration. If the manifesto has inspired some and enraged others, then it’s done its job.

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