CERISE Casting: Character Specs/Descriptions

Welcome to the Cerise Casting Call! What follows is a list of characters, specifications, and descriptions of the characters I’m currently seeking for my off-beat short screenplay.


Please read the descriptions and send an email to cerisemovie@gmail.com with (1) your headshot, (2) your resume, (3) a link to your reel, and (4) which character(s) you would like to audition for.

I will contact you to have you come to the auditions; they will be help outdoors, most likely at Washington Square Park, NYC. Date and time TBA.


Josh Kermes (Caucasian male, 28 – 35) The protagonist of Cerise. He feels that he has all he wants in life, though everything in his life boxes him in. Josh has become complacent in his job as sole writing tutor at the Tutoring Center of N.E. Given University. For years he’s been okay with this, until recently, when that which kept him down all these years rears its ugly head once more.


Shivam Shah (Indian/Middle Eastern male, 28 – 35) The antagonist for the first half of Cerise. Very “Mac Guy” in personality, Shivam is cool, calm, collected. To him, a job is just that; whereas Josh is a great writing tutor, Shivam simply plays the part of a great writing tutor (and gets away with the charade). He throws Josh’s world into disorder because he is also the person who cost Josh his seventh National Spelling Bee championship.

Other Characters

Sam White (Caucasian male, 30 – 40) Josh’s other coworker and math tutor. (Speaking)

Young Josh (Caucasian male, 15) Josh as a young boy. (Speaking)

(NOTE: Because Young Josh needs to look somewhat like the actor playing Josh, I must cast Josh before I can cast Young Josh, so please be patient in waiting for a reply to audition. Thank you.)

Josh’s Mother (Caucasian female, 35 – 40) A brief role. (Speaking)

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Any, 28 – 32) Two brief comic characters. (Speaking)

Little Girl (Any, 12 – 15 years) A girl in a spelling bee. (Speaking)

(NOTE: This role will be shot prior to principle photography on Cerise.)

Man (Any, 30 – 35) A masked samurai figure that haunts Josh’s dreams. (Non-speaking)

(NOTE: Samurai sword skills and/or experience in samurai films preferred.)

Barista (Any, 22 – 28) A brief role. (Speaking)

Receptionist (Caucasian, 40 – 50) A brief comic character. (Speaking)

Students (Ages 18 – 22; speaking)

Sascha (Hispanic)

Cory (African-American)

Kwame (African-American)

Student #1 (Brief)

Student #2 (Brief)

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